Home Heating: Oil Boilers Installations & Servicing Costs

Oil boilers are another option for householders. This method uses an oil-fired boiler, instead of gas, to heat water in a central heating system. Heating is spread throughout the home via radiators and hot water in taps. Residents choosing oil will need supplies delivered and stored in a tank. That helps cut down costs because you can see how much oil is used. The fuel itself is also cost effective. Some 4 million properties are off the gas grid. So oil is a good alternative and helps expenses of ongoing energy consumption. There are combi boilers, system boilers and heat-only oil boilers on the market with various home heating cost estimates, so finding a boiler that works for your home should be an easy task. All modern oil boilers are condensing and when set up correctly can be a really efficient solution to off grid properties.

Sussex Boiler Replacements is registered with OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association). We are fully qualified and approved to self-certify work. Our company is professionally recognised as able to help customers choose oil boilers to suit homes. We are ahead of the market and install or replace oil boilers, as needed.


Installations of oil boilers

Installation of oil boilers starts with a consultation. We will access your household needs and talk though the options with you. If you have an existing oil boiler, there is no legal need to replace the storage tank at the same time. Even so, it’s sensible to make sure the oil tank is legally sound. For insurance purposes, if nothing else.

Once the oil boiler is chosen and agreed, we set to work. Our team will set up the boiler and ensure the appropriate connection is made with the storage tank. We will also talk with you about making sure deliveries are regularly supplied. The job is ‘finished’ only when the householder is satisfied with a properly installed oil boiler and tank. Even then, we offer servicing on an annual basis.


Servicing of oil boilers

Boiler Replacements recommends that oil boilers are serviced each year. Regular care will keep the boiler working efficiently, for longer and it’s important for safety. Dealing with any problems early-on is far more effective. It will also save money for the household by reducing fuel bills and call-out fees, if needed. Our technicians will be able to spot any issues such as rust marks, water damage and deposit of materials on the boiler’s interior.

Oil boilers, in time, could become less efficient for a number of reasons:-

  • Soot in the boiler heat exchanger from smoke and burnt fuel deposits – reducing heat effectiveness
  • Nozzles, to control oil volumes, wearing down and degrading – affecting combustion
  • Photocells are a safety function to inform when the boiler is lit. If these are dirty, the boiler will lose flame detection. The boiler will shut down randomly.
  • Oil burners shutting on and off regularly is less energy efficient than running for a longer period
  • Worn electrodes attracts soot and other deposits, which prevents the boiler lighting.



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